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4 Wheel Balancing

On normal roads, your car should give you a smooth and comfortable ride but if an unusual vibration in the steering wheel suddenly develops or the ride becomes bumpy when travelling more than 50 mph, then it's time to get our qualified fitters to carry out a 4-wheel balancing check.

 A vibration in the steering wheel usually means the front wheels are the problem whereas a bumpy ride for rear seat passengers points to the rear wheels needing wheel balancing.

 Here at DOUBLE M AUTOS LIMITED our years of experience tell us that regular 4-wheel balancing at every 5,000 miles or 6 months will ensure that you:

  • Experience a smoother and safer ride
  • Get better fuel consumption
  • Extend the life of your tyres 
  • Protect the car's suspension from damage

 In addition to an uncomfortable ride, wheels that are out of balance can damage your suspension, reduce fuel efficiency, and accelerate the wear on your tyres. So why not take a quick trip to DOUBLE M AUTOS LIMITED where our friendly tyre professionals will easily solve the problem and prevent the need for costly repairs.

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